The Crusader Bible thumbnails. 43r · Fol. 43v · Patronage · About the Book · Artists · Inscriptions · Provenance · Technical Analysis of The Crusader Bible. Maciejowski Bible: Commissioned ca. by King Louis IX of France (Saint Louis); illuminated by a number of leading Parisian artists. One of my favourite primary sources for the thirteenth century is a remarkable manuscript known as the Maciejowski Bible (Pierpoint Morgan Library, New York: .

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The illustrations on these leaves show Absalom’s rebellion against his father; obviously the Shah considered such literature as inapt for his sons. The book consists of paintings of events from Hebrew scripturegiven a setting in the customs and costumes of thirteenth-century Maciejoski, and concentrating on stories of kings, especially Maciejowwki.

The paintings pictorially present a vast variety of information regarding the 13th century, in story-fashion, very much like a pictograph, or the Egyptian Hieroglyphics. Therefore, we have scanned and placed all of the images from the Maciejowski Bible onto this web site so that all may enjoy them, and gain vision into the 13th century. Omitted from the ‘s reprinting were the original notes on arms and armour by Charles Ffoulkes as well as the original detailed history by Montague Rhodes James of Old Testament illustrative art of the medieval period.

After that the codex disappears in the darkness of time, only to reappear years later in the library of the Cardinal Bernhard Maciejowskibishop of Cracow.

Morgan Bible

The commentary volume to the facsimile edition makes both the various artistic aspects and the history of the manuscript accessible to the reader. Amnon tricks Tamar into a sexual encounter Maciejowski Bible. It contains 46 known leaves each double-sided, giving 92 pages and depicts the Old Testament from the Creation to the story of David. It was only in that Latin texts were added in the margins, to provide a brief resume of the action depicted in the miniatures.

In addition, three leaves were removed from the manuscript upon his wish and luckily survived all the troubles of time; today they are kept in Paris and Malibu respectively.


It explains with artistic perfection the idea and the concept of the crusade which marked King Louis ‘ reign and politics.

Morgan Crusader’s Bible « Facsimile edition

James – with notes on the arms and armour by Charles John Ffoulkes – Views View Edit Bibe. This allows for a page containing the descriptions translated from Latin into English by Sir Sydney Carlyle Cockerell to lie adjacent to the “plate” which is described. The manuscript was maciejowsli later precisely when is unknown transported northward to Cracow, Poland. Originally, the bible contained only miniatures, organized in a consistent visual rhythm from page to page. A very clear difference is discernible in the rich use of gold: This includes armour, clothing, construction techniques, cooking methods, entertainment, furniture, politics, religious practices, utensils, and weapons.

Here Joshua, together with four knights of Israel, stands outside a tent while his defeated foes arrive to make their submission. Retrieved from ” https: Biblia de Maciejowski miniatura h The Bodleian Library in Oxford still possesses a manuscript which the King commissioned around the same time as the Crusader’s Bible and which maxiejowski is in its original Gothic deluxe leather binding.

An improved search engine is in the works, which will return specific images rather than just pages The Maciejowski Bible. Goliath challenges the Israelites Maciejowski Bible. Views Read Edit View history. These were Latin descriptions, in an Italian macisjowski, with beautifully painted Italian initials “first letters” beginning each description.

This manuscript served the French king Louis IXthe Saint, as a historiated Biblea large format chronicle of biblical events.

A single folio is now in the J. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikipedia. Contact us for a quote You can also Sign up for a Free Account to access some prices online and save a list of your Favorites.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Though it originally consisted exclusively of pictures with no accompanying text, three sets of captions were later added to the leaves, summarizing the contents of the images.

The original collection contained the original color paintings few in number, surprisingly and the original black-and-white drawings. Joshua takes the submission of the Gibeonites Joshua 9: The manuscript was transported there as part of a mission maciejowsli Isfahan, called for by Pope Clement VIII, with the intent of nurturing Shah Abbas’s acceptance of Christians and to secure a cooperative, combined military campaign against the Turks, who were then perceived as a common threat to almost all of Europe.


This binding was maciejowki as a model for this facsimile edition.

One labourer works the pulley which hauls up maciejowsji heaviest pieces by walking around inside a wheel and apparently eating his lunch while he is doing so! These are now surrounded by text in three scripts and five languages: Goliath sword morgan bible 28v. Leaf 1 from the Maciejowski Bible.

Shah Abbas, through the assistance of missionaries and interpreters, ordered Persian descriptions of each of the scenes to be added to bibwl margins. Although the artists were bibep scenes from the Bible, they followed the medieval convention of depicting clothes, equipment, tools and so on as if they were contemporary: These images are not here for purposes of making profit – they are presented for your edification and enjoyment, with intellectual and cultural objectives in mind.

Morgan Bible 28r detail.

The Crusader Bible

Each picture is divided by a horizontal line, and some are also divided vertically, giving two or four pictures on each page. As you view the manuscript, the descriptions are on the left page, the accompanying paintings are maciejowsik the right page.

It is our belief jaciejowski historical, artistic knowledge of this magnitude does not belong to any one individual, nor to any elite group or peoples; rather, it belongs to every man, woman and child with a thirst for such knowledge. Later, in the eighteenth century, inscriptions were added in Judeo-Persian.

It included a preface by John Plummer as well as the original history of the manuscript itself by Sir Sydney Cockerell.