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JBL Incorporated, Balboa Boulevard, P.O. Box , Northridge, California U.S.A.. JBL M/HF-T. REV A. PACKAGE. WIRING DIAGRAM. The JBL T 3-Way Tri-Amplified ScreenArray Cinema Loudspeaker System is designed to deliver critical sound reproduction in medium to large cinemas. JBL JBL Professional. PA SKU # JBL MFR # Support The ScreenArray features true three-way system design enhanced for critical film.

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Since you don’t specifiy a budget, I’m assuming you have infinite money.

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So yes, 4372 watt amp at 16 ohm would suffice. I am wanting to possibly go to powered mains but I am unsure what can keep up to the JBLs. Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread.

You’d need a schematic of the crossover to know for sure, though. Tim Weaver Senior Mar 25, You’ll probably get to about 10k doing this.

By boosting the top really 2 octave s you’ll get a shallower rolloff to an extent. January 24, How big of an amp would I need safely for the ‘s considering they’re 16 ohms? I’m not saying “go find a watt amp”. My thinking was the outdoor gigs coming up this summer and the lack of “throw” from the ‘s outdoors.

This provides predictable normal resonance modes, and radial reinforcing ribs increase diaphragm stiffness. Also in the marketplace thread, I mentioned that you should pretty easily be able to delete the low-pass on thewhich is probably just two components, an inductor and a capacitor. Thats what we are used to.


JBL SR 4732

Here’s the link to the A crossover http: A watt amp would not suffice if he wanted to get the most out of the drivers. To successfully meet the ” watt continuous program” rating at 30 ohms, you would need That was probably 20 years jnl. I don’t want to start a crossover topology war here on the top end.

Just about everybody with these cabs does what you are wanting to do. It may take watts to get 10k up to our reference level, but at what listening position?

Please login or register. That is a question I will have to answer once I have a bit more experimentation under my belt. Silas, I’ve got the pdf’s from both the a and the a. I thought you were bang on until you started talking about impedance.

He only has watts for the LF. Look down to the Crossover post in this Forum Silas Pradetto Graduate Student Mar 24, Whatever you do, remove those baby butts and block off the hole. Jan 11, 10, 7 38 34 Wallingford, CT www. There should be a splay of approximately 35 to 45 degrees between cabinets and the final splay should be based on measurements. Jan 13, 4 18 57 Covington, Ohio www. Plenty for sibilants and cymbals.

I always wondered why jbl crossed the so low 6k.

A watt amp would suffice. It may not be the right way to do it, but literally thousands of shows have been pulled off with this method. January 23, The Model J is a 1. Everywhere Threads This forum This thread.

I am certainly an advocate for large HF amplifiers, but suggesting a watt amp for long term power is 44732 without a very unique side chain limiter. As I mentioned in another thread, the combination seems more at home flown in a jbll above the dancefloor than in a PA situation.

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The Coherent Wave phasing plug structure has four equal length passages to provide in-phase summation of diaphragm output at the 1. Unless you are running more than 1 cabinet a side in which the low freq would couple and you would want more HF.

JBL SR4732X Fly Version Crossover 129-30014-01

The JBL manufacturing process permits the use of rim-centered diaphragms for instant interchangeability and ease of field service. I realized that requirement ended up limiting my 47332 quite a bit and bit the bullet and bought a passive system with a proprietary mbl that ends up doing the things I wanted, and for the size of the system, an extra small rack with amps and processor didn’t really make much size difference.

What does everyone think will suit my needs? The XTi is capable of watts at 4 ohms. If multiples, how do you manage comb filtering vs. At a certain point you are wasting money buying wattage that you will never use. Having more amplifier than that won’t hurt anything, but why buy more than you really, need? As to powered vs. Maybe not to remove the components, but at least for me to decipher what’s going on there.

I’m not a x-over expert either and not sure what would be involved.