Original Australian numbering (1 through 7) for this series is also published in North America with a different numbering (some single book. Isobelle Carmody’s ‘blissful separation’ from the Obernewtyn Chronicles. Monica Tan. With the release of The Red Queen, the writer brings to a. Obernewtyn (Obernewtyn Chronicles) [Isobelle Carmody] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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The Stone Key and Wavesong. Why did half way through the book Elspeth reveal that her ability is not only telepathic but also telekinetic? It was a lovely feeling of blissful separation, of floating away into a future.

Done wrong and the narrator comes of as a robot.

The Obernewtyn Chronicles Series by Isobelle Carmody

Sep 25, Lyndsey rated it really liked it Shelves: North American Editions 1. Aber hier versteckt sich viel mehr, besonders in den Untiefen von Obernewtyn. I want crmody like this book. Feeling the chemistry brewing between him and Elspeth over the years it certainly felt like years and years because each book took such a long time to come out!!

So, with the long wait between titles, I’ve not wanted to get into The Red QueenObernewtyn 7because I’ve forgotten so much of the original story.

I just love this series so much. The heroine doesn’t say a word throughout. Perhaps the strangest thing of all, though, was the relationship that arose between Rushton and myself.


Retrieved 30 August Rushton gives his mental strength to her to endure the pain inflicted cxrmody her by the machine. And you go back to put it in earlier and it was already there. Pulled in by the pretty cover with the intense looking girl, pretty mountains and a cat, I had no conception of what I was getting myself into.

As humans cannot beastspeak birds besides the Agylliansit is not known if birds can beastspeak each other, or if other animals can beastspeak with birds. I kept looking down and seeing a hundred damn apostrophes in a paragraph.

Mit auf den Weg begleiten mich Telepathie, was ja wirklich obermewtyn interessant ist. It had been even worse since he had brought Selmar back.


We read things from Elspeth’s perspective, but I never really understood her as a character. She was sent to the mysterious mountain compound of Obernewtyn. If the two governing bodies did car,ody burn the dissidents, they sent them to work carmodj Councilfarms. The story takes place mostly in the countryside and the mountains.

Dec 21, Daniela Lightweaver rated it really liked it Shelves: Shelve The Red Queen. Elspeth Gordie and her brother Jes grow up in an orphanage after their parents are burned as Seditioners. She is suspicious of everything around her and doesn’t trust easily, and much like her, this novel is slow boernewtyn give much away.


Gavyn is described as “adantar”, beastspeak for “link”. If her inconsistency didn’t bother me, her stupidity surely did.

Orphan homes were set up to house those children of Seditioners not claimed by relatives. And when I started reading it, I was instantly hooked. In one sense I had no choice, but my sudden desire not to invade the thoughts of another person was new, and told me that I had accepted something I had previously thought impossible.

Now, my edition has some typos, some missing punctuation, and at one point an important piece of dialogue comes after Elspeth’s thoughts on it pagebut I expect they’ve been cleaned up in the later editions and I can never hold such things against a beloved book or such an awesome story. Some combinations of Talents, such as farseeking and beastspeaking, are quite common, while others, such as coercion and empathy, are rare. Looking forward to reading the rest of the books in this series.

Making friends for the first time in her life, Elspeth is far from relaxed at Obernewtyn: There are elements of both, however.