All those variations relate to the two scenes in the opera. In the middle of the Act, after the scene where Vaudemont discovers that Iolanta is blind, the libretto. Iolanta, the blind daughter of the King of Provence, is telling her nurse, Martha, that she is full of some unknown longing. Iolanta’s friends, Brigitte and Laura. Title: Iolanta. Libretto. German; Contributor Names: Tchaikovsky, Peter Ilich — (composer): Chaĭkovskiĭ, Modest Ilʹich, , (librettist): Schmidt.

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The couple are discovered by the king. He begins to suspect something is wrong with the girl.

She has no concept of light, vision or blindness. I have never felt so happy before But you are not right, no, no, no! Vaudemont A splendid gift from the eternal nature A priceless and sacred gift. He admits to the king he has fallen in love with another, but is still willing to go ahead with the agreed marriage. And in comparison with it Our earthly world is Short-lived and unworthy. This discussion is closed and has been archived, but you are welcome to try our new forum at: No one has ever told her nor does she know that she is a princess.

Oh, you are right, The light of the truth shines in your heart. I have never felt so happy. The public reception was quite favorable, though Tchaikovsky was disappointed and felt he was repeating himself, especially when compared to his earlier work, The Enchantress.


IOLANTA – LIBRETTO Pages 1 – 4 – Text Version | FlipHTML5

There are only a few recordings of the opera, although Robert’s aria has been recorded and performed in concerts iolxnta. The beauty is revealed to us In a hot day, in night breeze, In sounds of morning songs, In aroma of flowers. Vaudemont Yes, it is true. Can one see a roar of thunder in the sky, Or trills of a nightingale, Or aroma of a flower, Or your voice, or your words?

Iolanta | Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky |

In Soviet times references to religion in Tchaikovsky’s works were usually replaced or omitted in publication and performances, and libbretto are correct in your assumption that version 1 is the original text. In the original Danish play, the spelling of the princess’s name was “Iolanthe”, later adopted for the otherwise unrelated Gilbert and Sullivan operetta of that name.

Those who liretto not know a blessing of Light, Can not love life. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.


It is an endless source That brings us enjoyment of the beauty. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Iolanta Your words are so strange. I would appreciate any comments on this uncommon phenomenon that two strikingly different versions of the libretto are being used by performers.

Indeed, Iolanta herself is totally unaware of her misfortune. The treatment has worked and Iolanta can see. I would have wanted to see the Sun, To see a bright light on the Earth.


You might be interested. But you are not right No, no, no. Vaudemont So deep in your heart there is no desire To see Light the glory of the Libreyto And in comparison with it Our earthly world Is short-lived and unworthy.

I have noticed however variations in the libretto lines from one performer to another. They fall in love, after he explains light and color to her.

Ibn-Hakia and Iolanta return.

Princess Iolanta has been blind from birth. Its first performance outside Russia was in Hamburg on 3 Januarywith Gustav Mahler conducting.

Iklanta departs to bring troops to rescue him. Those who do not know a blessing of Light Can not love so much. I unworthy have come to know You oh maiden of beauty Your girlish slender figure, Your lovely image and features Yes it was the prime of the creation, The best gift given by the Creator to the World.

Vaudemont To embrace shining light. Iolanta hands him a rose, but it is a white one. Iolanta Your words are so sweet. A splendid gift from the eternal nature A priceless and sacred gift.

The shine of the sun, sky, stars Imbues the world on the Earth, The whole nature and creatures With awesome beauty.