This chapter describes the boards supported by the BSC The BSC UUP (UMTS RNC user plane processing). -. -. 2 GE. 2 GE. Home/Groups/Wireless Network Info Community. BSC e BSC RNC in Pool. Armetta Diamond (1) 4 years 6 months ago View: Reply: 0. Comment. This program provides thorough understanding of 3G Technology, product and hardware description of Huawei RNC , with their data.

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Context There are two ways to verify the Ater interface: Context For details about the loading modes, see Loading Management. Context The time for system resetting is different in different scenarios, as listed in Table If you perform this operation, a prompt is displayed when you edit the reg. If the status remains abnormal, go to step 3. The State of many timeslots is Idle, and there is no timeslot with the State of Failure.

BSC6900 Boards and its funtion

The Alarm tab page is displayed. The mask is If the value of Link Availability Status is Unavailable, check the connection of the Ethernet cable and check whether the peer Ethernet port is enabled.

In this case, the commissioning need not necessarily be performed in the BSC equipment room and can be performed in a centralized manner. If the status of LAPD links on the Pb interface is abnormal, check the transmission link by referring to The values of Port State. The type of the board is Correct the board type and then reload the data to the incorrectly set, board. Obtain the psftp Software and open it locally by double-clicking the application icon.


Check the security settings of the Internet Explorer, ensure that the Java script is supported. A confirmation dialog box is displayed, asking you whether to proceed. If the value of Operation state is Unavailable, check the transmission links by referring to The software can be loaded directly. Prerequisite l The data file for the Loading is generated. If any of the alarms exists, handle them based on the suggestions from the online help. Other commissioning scenarios may be possible, as described in Table If the value of Operation state is Unavailable, see After you modify an information item, press Esc and then move the cursor to modify another information item.

Log In Sign Up. The version of the OMU application is the Perform operations in Step 7 through Step same as that required by the operator, The CN equipment should have passed the commissioning and can provide basic functions. Product Version The following table lists the product version related to this document. Channelized STM-1 transmission mode Check the status of the optical port.

After the command is executed successfully, the. Click here to sign up. This helps determine whether the current status of the NE should be changed. Ensure that the external virtual IP address is on the same network segment as the external fixed IP address.

For details, see Click New in the displayed dialog box.

BSC e BSC RNC in Pool-Wireless Network Info Community-Huawei Connect

Italic Book titles are in italics. The Abis interface verification varies according to the transmission mode over the Abis interface.

The connection is improper, Correct the connection, and then reload the data to the board. For details, see Table Prerequisite l All the subracks of the BSC are running normally.


If this tab page is hidden, click Progress in the toolbar on the LMT main page. Step 2 Preparing the USB disk 1. Board related fault alarms exist, Analyze the alarm information and rectify rc fault accordingly. Context For the commissioning of the base station, see the commissioning guide of the base station.

The value of State is Normal. Step 2 Check whether alarms are listed on the Fault tab page. Table Requirements for equipment status before commissioning Item Requirement BSC hardware The hardware is installed and passes the hardware installation inspection and power-on check. Otherwise, set it to ARP. This document provides guidelines for commissioning the BSC Connect the other end of the straight-through cable to the network device, such as a hub or a router.

Go to step Step 2. Compared with issue 04this issue does not exclude any topics.

If yes, clear the alarm as suggested. Check the board status of other boards of the same type in this subrack. You selected the HTML Select the report from the report list, and then view Format, the report in one of the following ways: For details, see the M Operator Guide.

Check the configuration data of the license and the configuration data in the OMU database.