GOANA. Confident of its development in the reproduction field, Ceva is, and has to in numerous genetic improvement projects, such as those done in Senegal, . GOANA focuses on expanding area under cultivation, diversifying cereals and The aim of GOANA is for Senegal to attain food self-sufficiency by and. Senegal River Valley, the center of rice production in Senegal. This paper first Grande Offensive Agricole pour la Nouriture et l’Abondance: GOANA; Sénégal.

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Although the rains that season were delayed and started slowly, they fell heavily in the final weeks of the rainy season, resulting in severe floods that were particularly devastating in the northern parts of the country. China, unsurprisingly, will be the major driver of growth in peanut oil demand, whereas demand for non-oil peanuts is likely to be more diverse.

If you are a California resident and would like a copy of this notice, please submit a written request to the following address: We do not control when or how third parties place cookies on your computer. The susceptibility of livestock to aflatoxins means that dairy products can also be infected with toxins.

Senegal farmers see long road to rice revolution | Reuters

It therefore becomes extremely important that producers choose the optimal varieties for this purpose. As was apparent following the droughts of andsuch weather events are not only extremely damaging, but also have long-lasting effects. Of course, there are issues beyond yields affecting the Senegalese groundnut sector. Strict maximums set by importers like the European Union and the United States have meant that exports of agricultural products from areas prone to aflatoxins, like Senegal, have suffered.


Promised tractors and water pumps had failed to materialize or been snapped up by ruling party cronies, Diop said. Peanuts come in a number of different varieties, all of which have a particular use.

These low, stagnating yields result from the usual combination of lacking inputs, little access to capital, and ineffective agricultural techniques. But the most important species within the groundnut family is by far the peanut, even in the West African countries where the other types of groundnut originated and are still consumed. We share Aggregate Information with our partners, service providers and other persons with whom we conduct gonaa.

These fungi can spread onto crops when they are still in the ground, but are more likely to spread after harvests, when crops are being stored.

Wade, an outspoken economist who has called for abolition of the U. Senegal is now striving to regain its footing in the world groundnut market, if not in terms of the proportion of the world peanut market it controls there are more peanuts being traded today than there were in the s and sthen at least sengeal terms of the absolute quantity of groundnuts produced.

The next major drought was in —after 2 years of bumper harvests during goanz Senegal finally managed to once again attain production greater than 1 million tonnes.

Senegal farmers see long road to rice revolution

Global background China, India and the United States are the biggest producers and consumers of peanuts in the world. Senegalese droughts, which are not uncommon, have devastated production levels in the past, recently in and But after that, production trended downward, and was extremely erratic, so that the country did not again achieve production in excess of 1 million tonnes untiland then again in We do not guarantee or warrant that such techniques will prevent unauthorized access to information about you that we store, Personal Information or otherwise.


Bado says farmers could grow two rice crops a year instead of one, with the right support. The beloved, humble peanut is not really a nut at all—it is in the legume family. We use cookies to enable our servers to recognize your web browser and tell us how and when you visit the Site and otherwise use the Services sensgal the Internet.

Prices for peanut oil peaked in mid, while peanut prices peaked in mid Right now, the Senegalese groundnut market is in an exciting place. For full Reuters Africa coverage and to have your say senegall the top issues, visit: Investment from Chinese peanut processors has been particularly prominent in the Senegalese headlines.

India and the United States, on the other hand, are much less likely to import groundnuts, as both consistently produce more than enough to satisfy domestic demand.

West Africa—especially Senegal—used to play a massive role in the global peanut industry. It absorbed any transportation-related costs.

If Senegal is to once again become a major groundnut producer, its farmers will have to have access to the types of inputs and education that will allow them to increase their yields. Request a demo or sign up senehal.

The Senegalese groundnut sector is in an exciting state of flux. He caressed the earth with one hand as he knelt to dig out onions with the other using a hoe fashioned from a short length of steel goaana of the type used to reinforce concrete.