Producción de frijol ejotero, utilizando espalderas vivas de girasol, en los valles altos del centro de México. Edgar Jesús Morales-Rosales, Omar Franco-Mora. PRODUCTIVITY AND ADAPTATION OF STRING BEANS IN THE VALLEY OF MEXICO PRODUCTIVIDAD Y ADAPTACIÓN DEL FRIJOL EJOTERO EN EL. Resumen. DIAZ-LOPEZ, Ernesto; ESCALANTE-ESTRADA, José Alberto Salvador; RODRIGUEZ-GONZALEZ, María Teresa y GAYTAN-ACUNA, Araceli.

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Therefore, the biomass production and pod yield were higher in comparison to the cv. The foliar area was measured in each sampling in cm 2 with a foliar area integrator Li-cor and the leaf area index LAI was estimated, according to the descriptions by Hopkins and Huner Bases funcionales para su manejo. Biomass frrijol seed yield of common bean in sole crop and intercrop.

Bemisia tabac y B. Mide en promedio 15 milimetros de longitud, es de color verde obscuro un poco brillante. Complementation occurs when each species experiments less interspecific competence.

Effect of pod picking on growth and dry matter allocation in snap bean Phaseolus vulgaris L. The sowing, established under dryland conditions, was carried out on May 22 and 30, and June 2, El Cerrillo, Monte-cillo and Tenancingo, respectively.

Dekalbpress, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Frijol Ejotero

The aim of this study was to evaluate the pod yield and yield components of two bean culti-vars sown in monoculture and combined with two sunflower cultivars, in three localities of frjjol State of Mexico, Mexico.

John Wiley and Sons.

Abstract The aim of this study was to assess growth, net assimilation rate, biomass production and pod yield in two snap bean cultivars sown in enotero and combined with two sunflower cultivars at three localities in the State of Mexico, Mexico.

The rest of the variables had positive values in PC1 between 0.

In Tenancingo, the dates of the first and last snap bean cut fourth cut were August 22 and September 8, at 4 days-intervals; the cutting intervals in Montecillo and El Cerrillo were 6 days, where the first cuts were August 26 and September 8, respectively, and the dates of the fourth snap bean cut were September 19 and October 8, respectively Table 6.


Agricultural Forest Meteorology Las ninfas de esta especie son de color oscuro, con cuatro hileras de muy bien definidas manchas blancas en el abdomen. Las plantas atacadas por ninfas y adultos no se desarrollan normalmente. The superiority of treatments 1 and 2 is also attributed to their outstanding result in LAI 2.

Discussion El Ejitero As there was a higher net assimilation rate, the photosynthetic efficiency in the monocultures was superior; therefore, the production of dry matter and pod ejltero in the pure crops was higher Table 1.

Biomasa y rendimiento de frijol con potencial ejotero en unicultivo y asociado con girasol. The protein and crude fiber content of the string beans were evaluated on the first date of planting PFS.

In the high valleys of Central Mexico, this vegetable is produced with crijol use of trellises or tuteur metal structures, wooden poles, etc.

Additionally, the ecological problem is present, as the plantation of this species by farmers requires the uncontrolled cutting of slow regeneration forest species for tuteurs.

The drop in temperature, the photoperiod and the hydro availability reduced the number of string bean cuts of eight of the PFS and of five of the second. Se identifica por el crecimiento algodonoso de color blanco que se encuentra cubriendo la superficie o el interior de porciones de ramas, vainas y hojas.

The lower NAR observed in the associated sowing systems resulted in a lower production of dry matter and pod yield Table 2. Effects of resource use on growth and development of maize and faba bean intercrop. In average, the cv. The foregoing is explained by the competition exerted by the sunflower on the snap bean cultivars. Currently, the tendency is to increase the vegetable consumption in diet; therefore, an increased demand is expected at national and world level.

Data collection and measurements During the research development days to emergence Eflowering beginning R6 and pods formation R7 were recorded in snap bean, following the criteria by Rosales et al. This research showed that the associations between both species are agronomically viable, because the pod yields in monoculture and associated were similar within each bean cultivar, but the advantage of a better field use as both crops are planted simultaneously.


Unlike the results from this study, Manu found that in the maize – snap bean association, the leguminous was the dominant cultivation presenting a NAR higher that its monoculture. The six treatments were evaluated in a 2 x 3 factorial experiment in a randomized complete block design with four replications.

Frijol, plagas y enfermedades – Info Rural

The foregoing confirms the reports by Andrade et al. An ehotero with 36 frijkl of beans 31 had a determined growth habit while 5 had an undetermined was established on May 21 and June 15, in Texcoco, in the state of Mexico.

The dominant climate in El Cerrillo is subhumid, with rains in summer; the annual precipitation is mm and the mean temperature is Revista Chapingo Serie Horticultura Cada hembra deposita en promedio. Pod snap bean is an important vegetable at a national and international level as it is a low cost production source of protein, in addition to providing calcium and phosphorous to human feeding Santos et al, Rigoberto Rosales-Serna Allometric equations commonly used for estimating shoot biomass ejtoero short-rotation wood energy species: This technique explained The flowering dates, date of cutting, physiological maturity, total production, and length of the string beans was noted, as well as the seed yield.

Matas de Frijol Ejotero

Tenancingo is characterized by an-dosols soils of volcanic origin with ejoteroo texture and acid pH 6. Cuando las plantas son chicas pueden destruirlas completamente. Universidad y Ciencia In addition to little fiber, the snap bean varieties have other morphological and culinary features differentiating the species. Data collection and measurements.