Author: Anand Prakash Gupta Book Contain Government Accounting Rules – General Financial Rules C.P.W.A Code. Buy Compilation of Central Public Works Account Code (CPWA Code) book online at low price in india on PUBLIC WORKS ACCOUNT CODE. WJm. APPENDICES. [First Editior -Reprint]. Embodying all correctior.s L:ue•’ to the First Edition up to. December

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The committee also recommended that no one should be entrusted with the duties of the accountant in the Division until he has passed the codr test after at least 2 years experience in Public Works Accounts. In respect of which the accountant was to work under the orders of the respective Controller of Accounts. Name of the Document and its Introduction in one line.

PC-12 &16 – C.P.W.A. CODE (Practical ,Theory & MCQ)

The response of various State Governments was nevertheless not encouraging mainly because of the fact that the State Government did not relish the idea of making Divisional Accountants subordinate of the Executive Engineers. It is his duty to organize and supervise the execution of works and to see that they are suitable and economically carried out. Have we lost transparency in Sub-Divisional Tendering? Categories of Documents Under Control.

If the Superintending Engineer is not competent to taken decision the same is submitted to Chief Engineer for decision. Responsible Officer for the Quality and the complete execution of the work. As Mentioned in 9.

The replies to the original Inspection Report should reach the Audit Office within 8 weeks, and to the subsequent rejoinder within 4 weeks from the date of their receipt in the Divisional Office. If cpqa the same is submitted to Superintending Engineer for a decision. The Procedure to determine the Remuneration as given in the Regulation. The duties and functions coee the Sub-Divisional Officers have been elaborated in Para 2.


Name Designation Office Ph. List of Services being provided by the Public Authority with a brief write-up on them: Duties of the Public Authority: Vide note 2 below Coe Present system prevailing in our State, even the Government Department where no Engineering wing is attached, all construction works for such Department are taken up by Public Works Department through Deposit works.

E to produce to the Audit Officer all the initial accounts and other records promptly.

Section, Kusumi iii W. E, so that such important cases are cpaw lost sight of, and effective and prompt action is taken from time to time.

Name Designation Monthly Remuneration in Rs. Arrangements for Seeking Public Coxe. E should keep ready the replies to the outstanding Paras cpaw the pending Inspection Reports along with the relevant records for personal discussion. The main features of the system of Public works Accounts are: E should mention the upto date position of all such cases in his charge report. Procedure in Circle Office: E should Endeavour to get these settled before the inspecting party leaves his division.

Contact Information of above mentioned Officers. This marks the beginning of separate accounts cadre for the Public Works department under the administrative control of Central Government.

Nabhi’s Compilation Of Central Public Works Account Code – An Approved Reference Book

In case the E. In the case of worksthe expenditure which is recorded in cde, the Divisional Accountants role consist in checking the expenditure on each sub head in term of quantity and value with the estimated provision so that he may bring to notice all deviations from sanctioned estimates.


The Rural Works Division, Rairangpur is entrusted with the task of construction and maintenance of rural roads and buildings. Section, Rairangpur ii W.


Cose is unable to produce some of the cpda, he should bring the fact to the notice of higher authorities for orders. What are the arrangements to communicate the Decision to the Public?

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Starting Date of the Activity. Planned end Date of the Activity. Actual Expenditure for the Last Year in lakhs. Owing to increase in budgetary outlay though works divisions due to implementation of developmental programme launched under successive 5 year plans the need for further strengthening of audit control at the level of Executive Engineer was felt necessary after independence. Settlement of outstanding objections: While transmitting replies to the Audit on the original Inspection Reports as well as Rejoinders, the Superintending Engineer should examine the explanation offered against each para by the Executive Engineer and express his independent opinion.

In this regard, I would like to reproduce some of the important rules and procedures as per the CPWA Code especially in comparison with Para 2.