Chovot Halevavot was written by Bachya ben Joseph ibn Paquda Not much is known about Ibn Paquda other than that he was a well-regarded. Bachya ben Yosef ibn Paquda (Chovot Halevavot): eleventh century sage and writer on Jewish thought (); his most acclaimed work is Chovat. My intention in this article is to neither promote nor denigrate Sufism. It is simply to share the fascinating story behind a book, Chovot haLevavot.

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God’s inspiration is compared to light. The Torah demands of the superior cohvot to protect the weak and to embrace those who need help. We saw that for Rabbeinu Bachya love of Hashem is the highest level of spiritual development that a person can reach. It seems as if Rabenu Bachya pre-empted such a response when he wrote: January 4, 1: Berlin was active in communal affairs, and he supported the Chovevei Zion movement, which advocated Jewish settlement in Israel.

This is the job of the tzaddik and Iyov fulfilled that role.

Chovot HaLevavot – Wikidata

Rav Sadiah Gaon explains that the word “satan” in Biblical Hebrew means “enemy. This is evidenced by writings like the Sefer Yetzirah which is regarded as being from pre-history. There is another tendency to despise the world of the senses altogether, and to devote oneself only to the life of the spirit. The highest form of joy “ecstasy” as he puts it is the result of making a conscious decision to be joyful despite one’s circumstances.

The exception to this idea is Amalek. On the other hand it made cooperation on topics of community-wide concern fraught with tension. They eat whatever can be found, vegetation growing on the soil and leaves of halevqvot trees. The exception to this state of affairs was the relationship between Yehoshafat and the family of Ahab.


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The mode of worship prescribed by the Law has therefore mainly a pedagogical value, asserts Bahya. Rabbeinu Bachya writes that anyone whose love for God is based either on hope for a reward or fear of punishment will be aided by Hashem to achieve perfect love of Him. The sixth “gate”, “Sha’ar HaKeni’ah,” deals with humility. Please write to me with your suggestions. We must do all we can cohvot strengthen the observance of the Torah, but this can only be done by the strengthening Jewish education and separating ourselves into competing communities will not further this goal.

And clearly, Jewish mysticism did exist during Talmudic times as is evidenced by Maaser Breishit, Merkava known as the Heichalot Literature. Rabbeinu Bachya thinks that Iyov is an example for all of us and we should be able to be as loyal as him. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. Therefore they concentrate their efforts on achieving spiritual cbovot which is the path to eternal success. The Gate of Divine Unity 2.

There are Halachot which tell us how to celebrate on the holidays. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The Netziv writes that Yehoshfat was fortunate in that Hashem brought an immediate end to his venture Ahab’s son.

Yehoshafat was a great tzaddik. English Choose a language for shopping. The Gate of Reflection 3. His basis for this view is to be found in the story of Iyov Job.


What is He like?

In Singer, Isidore ; et al. It also draws on the Sufi influences of al-Andalus [1] [2] and also on the Greco-Roman Classics as translated by the school of Hunayn ibn Ishaq.

When the farmer’s work is done he can look back with satisfaction on the past year cohvot thank Hashem for His blessings. Stuart Fischman [1] This is the view of Rabbeinu Bachya as he made clear in his Introduction to the work. The Netizv’s call for unity between all Jews regardless of their level of observance while insisting on the truth of the Halacha seems to me at least to be the key to our survival.

Philosophy in a Divided World, by Carlos Fraenkel. This is our task on earth. Teaching Plato in Palestine: This is explained as the longing of the soul, amid all the attractions and enjoyments that bind hlevavot to the earth, for the fountain of its life, in which it alone finds joy and peace, even though the greatest pains and suffering be imposed on it.

** Chovos HaLevavos – Duties of the Heart **

Rabbeinu Bachya and the Rambam as well say that our love for Hashem needs to be all-consuming. Hashem accepted this challenge of the enemy. Rabbeinu Bachya explains that martyrs are the beneficiaries of Divine aid and this aid haevavot them the strength to make the supreme sacrifice at times of crisis.