Lietuvos edukologijos universitetas (Psichologija 06 S) dešimtų ir dvyliktų klasių Lietuvos mokinius iš 21 bendrojo lavinimo ir profesinio rengimo mokyklos, . Pradžia > PSICHOLOGIJA 40 > BENDROSIOS TRANSFORMACINIO apie savo tiesioginių vadovų elgesį (Bendroji transformacinio vadovavimo skalė, . Šiais metais Lietuvos psichologų kongreso tema „Psichologija sveikatai ir Psichologijos taikymą medicinoje įtakojo bendroji sveikatos samprata (PSO, ).

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The aim of this review paper is to discuss the main findings, new trends psichklogija unanswered questions associated with developmental research in executive function, hoping this will stimulate Lithuanian psychologists become more involved in the field. Seventy-three subjects with some kind of malocclusion were involved.


Thorntonas, o kitu atveju atlikome ir kontrolinius bandymus. Data from 29 intellectually gifted students with Reasoning Total score 95 percentile and higher were included for analyses of intelligence structure.

A rather substantial percentage of freshmen students expect the studies to help clarify their motifs, resolve inner contradictions, help in the process of personal growth and change in desired direction. The spichologija of how individuals perceive alcohol addiction may be important in prevention and may help health-care professionals individualize treatment strategies, thereby improving illness outcomes.

Self-care negatively correlates with a greater number of employments.

Summary This article presents an analysis of the Lithuanian Psychological Well-Being Scale LPGS structure in a student sample and addresses both theoretical and empirical issues related to its development. Some subjects have no extremum point.

The further ANCOVA analysis revealed that the self-evaluation of adolescents with LD, who perceived social support as unimportant, tended to be lower than the self-evaluations of adolescents without LD who disvalued the importance of social support. Button with the aim of exploring personal constructs of patients with eating disorders.

In the area of qualitative changes in the relationships, it is worth to distinguish changes in the relationship with the relative one: The results revealed that the LD group rated themselves worse than average-achieving students on all domain-specific bendroi scales: These boys also show a lower capacity for emotional investment in relationships and moral standards, an impaired understanding of social causality.


In spite of the growing empirical data, the concept of self-regulation lacks empirical and conceptual clarity, and the developmental picture of self-regulation is fragmented and sometimes inconsistent.

The psicohlogija factor analysis also indicated a satisfactory suitability of scale items factor loadings varied from 0.

The article presents a brief review of recent studies concerning body image and points out that mostly separate aspects of body image are being reported on in the literature. However, there were more significant relationships in the LD group, the perceived importance of social support being significantly related to various self-evaluations among adolescents with LD only correlations for the LD group ranged from 0. The most prominent hypothesis is that executive function development stimulates the emergence of executive function Carlson et al.

Surprisingly, no central constructs related to weight, eating or appearance were found. Body image is a multidimensional phenomenon. Implicit detection of change: However, identifying the variables qualifying maternal psychological state and analyzing their complex relations with children problem behavior continues to be a challenging research assignment for psychologists.

Only the teams in which their members were constantly working together were included in the research. Summary The study analyzes the phenomenon of meaning making for the bereavement of a person with whom they had close relationships, based on the experience of seven research participants.

general psychology

The content of constructs was also analysed. This model, as compared with the five-factor model, has an advantage in psycholexical, theoretical as well as practical terms Ashton and Lee, This stems from the so-called cortical magnification factor. Most authors have focused to three main executive functions in recent years: This test provides three estimates of intellectual functioning: We indicate that the main factors clearly associated with performance results are team trust, cohesion, stress, perceived self- and collective efficacy.

A parent rating was obtained for children all aged between 7 and Aggression was found to be a predictor of crash-related outcomes. It has been researched for several decades using various scales depending on the definition of psychological empowerment chosen by a reasercher.


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More frequent drinking was also predicted by an earlier age of drinking onset. However, up to date, there is no empiric half-structured benrroji investigations with subjects of this group, in which bendrohi of confidence, comparison and perfectionistic aspirations would be explored wider and in more detail. Aggregated results were used in the statistical analysis. Extraversion predicted a higher psychological well-being in all six dimensions, psicholoija the consciousness factor positively impacted the environmental mastery and purpose in life scores.

Tomatis, consists in teaching a person to use his ear as an apparatus capable of listening. Mental representations of children with behavioral difficulties have specific characteristics. Explanations for this phenomenon favour psihologija early bottom-up processes or higher-level top-down processes. We used the Comprehensive Meta-Analysis V2 software program and applied the guidelines for psychometric meta-analysis.

This kind of study is one of the first in this country. While comparing subjects according to education, appearance, self-representations of knowledge and comprehension diverged. The high coefficients of congruence, ranging from 0. The students from different Lithuanian universities participated in the surveys: The two study designs are shown to deal with single and double dissociations in their own way and to contribute significantly to the advancement of neuropsychological sciences.

We suggest that the explanations taking into account the social context of the development of both psychic functions should be considered.

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In line with the previous studies, self-efficacy did not differ by gender, but boys had a higher self-esteem as compared with pzichologija. There are significant age differences in driver anger. Groups of convicts who had committed different crimes significantly differed in the rates of two neutralizations: