Read “Last Man in Tower” by Aravind Adiga with Rakuten Kobo. From the Booker Get $5 off your first eBook; Get your first audiobook for free. Sign in with. Last Man in Tower by Aravind Adiga – review . The Guardian is editorially independent – our journalism is free from commercial bias and not. Last Man in Tower has ratings and reviews. Sofia said: Sorry to start with a cliche, but wow. I have never been to India and I’m only somewhat.

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The central character is Masterji who is a retired teacher whose wife has recently died. In this complex and multi-layered novel, he continues his project of shining a light on the changing face of India, bringing us a picture that is as compelling as it is complex to decipher.

He doesn’t trust his readers to figure any What a massive disappointment. I found the ending to not be completely convincing, in terms of these peoples’ moral failings. Aravind Adiga was born in in Madras now called Chennaiand grew up in Mangalore in the south of India.

Jan 30, Corey rated it liked it Shelves: This might be because the author is Indian and writing in a cadence that’s foreign to me, like trying to translate the live tech support from “Kevin” when your computer is crashing, yet Salman Rushdie and Vikram Seth are also Indian and I have no issue with them.

The protagonist of the novel is a retired schoolteacher named Yogesh A. I see the themes of materialism, human nature and trust intertwined so densely that it’s quite hard to consider their moral consequences. What if “getting” comes at the expense of the elderly, the sick, the poor, the past?

What if saying “no” merely reflects a stubborn fear of change? Even the main character, Masterji, felt flat, never fully developing a life of his own, for me at least, beyond the ticks and past incidents worked out in advance by the author.


Last Man in Tower by Aravind Adiga | : Books

It was kind of reading an adult version of Lord of the Flies in a different setting. Further, Adiga tries to interconnect and investigate the class, value, gender, and environmental conflicts.

Puri confused, ditto for Mr. Continue shopping Checkout Continue shopping. And he stems from the same school of writing as Narayan – crisp, brief, precise and extremely accessible. Without a unanimous decision, the offer could not be carried out and everybody would stand to lose.

I quite liked the earlier book for its unabashed class warfare plotline and compelling moral ambiguity. It was published soon after the Beijing Olympic Games, which resulted in the displacement of nearly 1. This is just a glimpse of the kind of build-up which the plot has to back it up. Here, for the central character at least, there are also Greene-like questions of divided loyalty. Infact some of them do not even figure in the story after what is the most dramatic and violent climax before the flats are sold to the Builder The Girl from Venice.

He describes the place and its people so well, you really feel like you are there. My life story in one building.

Be a global citizen.

Part of the problem might be in its rather too diffuse focus on a number of characters. On reflection, I’ve come back to thinking how it’s structures t Adiga’s constellation of Vishram Society inhabitants are well furnished with religious backgrounds, family histories, personalities and motives, but efforts to foresee the twists in the tale are foiled by human unpredictability.

Masterji gazed at the light behind the dirty buildings. What shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? I was not totally drawn into this book’s plot as much as I was hoping. The Admiration for China. Item s unavailable for purchase. Retrieved 27 December This page was last edited on 10 Octoberat It is also humane and funny. His second novel, Last Man in the Towerwas published in The Aravknd Gold Baby. Is progress the adgia as greed?


I didn’t know anything about Mumbai before I read this.

The epilogue in aravinv, when you think you’ve seen the end of the story, packs a really strong punch. Here is the astonishing new novel by the Man Booker Prize—winning author of The White Tiger, a book that took rage and anger at injustice and turned it into a thrilling murder story. Here, Adiga continues to explore modern India’s radical economic inequality, but the antagonist–and he is a bad guy, make no mistake–is a man in full.

Slowly, his neighbours pressure him to change his mind. That one was easy-pickings. Nothing is quite as it seems in the novel, which makes for surprises both pleasant and disturbing.

But as you go through it, it aravlnd of makes sense. I was born and raised in Arafind. Shah wants to demolish the apartment complex in order to make way for luxury redevelopments.

The themes are hard, the characters challenging, and Mumbai is a monster. What do you want? I immensely enjoyed reading this book as it speaks with an alternate view to all the praise and chest thumping of the Indian development. Toaer Aesthetics of Contact. He knows how to convey subtle yet poignant humor, and large messages through deceptively simple stories — particularly relating to greed and corruption.

Jun 15, Wolf rated it liked it. Hardcoverpages. It is brilliantly written in parts but it has many flaws.