Apesar de Alouatta guariba clamitans apresentar ampla distribuição na Mata Atlântica, do rio Doce (ES) ao rio Camaquã (RS) e a oeste até o norte da Argentina. The social group of the brown howler monkey, Alouatta guariba clamitans Cabrera, is typically small (2–12 individuals), with one or two adult males, and. Adult females are covered in dark brown or reddish brown hair. A latitudinal color gradient occurs in the subspecies Alouatta guariba clamitans. Males tend to be.

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Input parameters for Vortex demographic model – A general baseline population model for brown howler monkeys was built and it was later tailored to represent the populations of Misiones. Their folivorous diet may account for the ability aloutata breed year-round, as mature leaves are available throughout the year and provide a relatively stable source of energy.

Accessed March 20, at http: How do howler monkeys cope with habitat fragmentation? Realistic levels of inbreeding depression strongly affect extinction risk in wild populations. To implement metamodelling we followed Lacy et al. As time progresses in the simulation and the number of surviving and resistant individuals begins to increase, the intensity of the outbreak is reduced Fig.

Members of the female’s group are indifferent to any extra group copulations that she may perform.

Iteroparous animals must, by definition, survive over multiple seasons or periodic condition changes. American Journal of Physical Anthropology, Specific points in the trajectory are designated by letters A-E and are described in more detail in the main text; B: Guaiba led to a latent period of days.

Mammal species of the world.

ADW: Alouatta guariba: INFORMATION

Population viability analysis of xlamitans monkeys Alouatta palliata mexicana in a highly fragmented landscape in Los Tuxtlas, Mexico.

Curso bugio na mata: The flowers and leaves of various types of lianas i.


Infant mortality in black-and-gold howlers Alouatta caraya living in a flooded forest in northeastern Argentina. Oficina realizada em novembro de em Orlando, Florida, Estados Unidos. This may be considered a true minimum value, since in Argentina the last YFV transmission recorded was in Goenaga et al.

IUCN Red List of Threatened Species

Members of the genus Alouatta generally have a lifespan ranging from 15 to 20 years. In the epidemics that occurred in Argentina betweenseveral outbreaks affecting humans and howler monkeys Alouatta spp were reported, highlighting the importance of this disease in the context of conservation medicine and public health policies. The first seven months of an infant Alouatta guariba Humboldt Primates, Atelidae: However, males aged four years old tend to disperse more than females Oklander et al.

These two alternatives were used as inputs for the sensitivity analysis. In Vortex the EV is modelled by the user which specifies a mean and a standard deviation SD values for each rate. Brown howler monkeys use high-amplitude calls to minimize predation, control access to resources, and for mating.

Dental disorders in brown howler monkeys (Alouatta guariba clamitans) maintained in captivity.

Often, female brown howlers initiate extra-group copulations and are more prone to do so in multi-male groups. No – Maximum litter size 1 – Overall offspring sex ratio Barrett AD, Higgs S.

In each of these scenarios, only one parameter value was changed, with all other input parameters set at their baseline values. In addition, dominant males may distract approaching guariab, which gives group members a chance to flee.

Many males have a dark-red venter, with yellowish red dorsal pelage and darker arms, legs, and tails. Metamodels for transdisciplinary analysis of wildlife population dynamics. Rio Grande do Sul: In general, the sensitivity of a given model input parameter measures the proportional change allouatta a given output parameter e.

Acta Biologica Leopoldensia, 12 1: Primate densities in the Atlantic forest of Southeast Brazil: The approach showed in this study can be also used as a tool for disease control, being useful to make projections about impacts on the species conservation with direct repercussions on human health.


Considering the lack of information about YF dynamics in New World NHP, our main goal was guarib apply modelling tools to better understand YF transmission dynamics among endangered brown howler monkey Alouatta guariba clamitans populations in northeastern Argentina. Alonso ApoioCla,itans C. Despite the Outbreak software had not be directly structured to deal with vector borne disease models, the adaptations made for these two components showed to have few impacts in the whole model performance.

Assuming that an infected mosquito can transmit the disease during its entire life span, the researchers therefore estimated the maximum duration of the infectivity period as days Mondet The brown howler is the rarest primate species in Argentina, restricted to east-central Misiones province Holzmann et al. For this specific analysis, YF was set as a potential catastrophe Crockett and an inter-epidemic interval of 15 years on average for Argentina Di Bitetti et al.

International Journal of Primatology Influence of seasonality, group size and presence of a congener on activity patterns of howler monkeys.

Open in a separate window. General approach for model construction – We decided to use the advantages of both Vortex and Outbreak to create a more realistic model representing the dynamics of YF in brown howler populations in Argentina. When threatened, brown howlers may hide in the forest canopy, and if the threat persists, they may escape in a line formation led by an adult.

Males exhibit minimal paternal investment, and allomaternal care is rare in brown howlers.