La actinomicosis es una infección poco común causada por bacterias del género . Schalper K, Piérart C. Análisis de la presencia de actinomicosis pélvica en. Download Citation on ResearchGate | ACTINOMICOSIS GINECOLOGICA | Actinomycosis is an infectious disease. It may lead to sequels and may cause death. Antecedentes: La actinomicosis de pared abdominal es un cuadro clínico poco frecuente, aso .. Jabib A, Ferreiro J, Chappe M, Albini M. Actinomicosis pélvica.

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Computerised axial tomography upon admission. Case Reports in Medicine. Histological studies of tissues show inflammatory changes of suppurative and granulomatous nature, connective proliferation, and sulphur granules, which have also been identified in infections caused by Nocardia brasiliensis, Actinomadura madurae, and Staphylococcus aureus.

Chile [ 56 ]. Departamento de Medicina Interna CV. Report of three cases. Actinomycosis is an infrequent infection caused by bacteria from Actinomyces genus that manifests as a chronic, suppurative and progressive disease.

ND Laparotomy, penicillin, and amoxicillin Complete recovery 2 33 and 35Bergenhenegouwen et al. Some authors, such as Valour et al. ND Laparotomy, adhesiolysis, complete excision of the mass with extensive damage to the anterior abdominal wall, and antibiotic therapy No date of resolution 1 47Acquaro et al.

Other clinical types include thoracic actinomycosis, the third most common type of actinomycosis, which includes pulmonary, bronchial, and laryngeal actinomycosis [ 3 ], and abdominal actinomycosis, where the appendix, caecum, and colon are the most common sites of infection. Histological cervicovaginal observation and histopathological report. ND Ampicillin Almost complete recovery 1 51Nozawa et al.


Tunisia [ 9 ]. Support Center Support Center.

ACTINOMICOSIS by Maria Fernanda Ordóñez Rubiano on Prezi

Argentina [ 53 ]. ND Incomplete tumourectomy, actinoicosis resection, partial cystectomy, colostomy and bilateral ureterocutaneostomy, and penicillin Significant improvement 1 43Maeda et al. Journal of Clinical Pathology. Currently other authors such as Demirezen et al. Sulphur granules; Actinomyces israelii ; actinomycotic pelvic abscess secondary to IUD involving the bladder, sigmoid colon, left ureter, liver, and superior abdominal wall.

In this article we present the case of a 63 year-old man with no comorbidity, with pulmonary actinomycosis involving the chest wall mimicking a neoplastic process, basing the diagnosis on histopathologic findings. Other common suspects were tubo-ovarian and pelvic abscesses and Crohn’s disease. Laparotomy, resection of the central part of actinkmicosis epiploon and tumour formation, penicillin, and amoxicillin Significant improvement.

Computerised axial tomography upon admission. Pelvic actynomycosis as the result of a long standing use of an intrauterine device. Pleural effusion as the major manifestation of ;elvica.

According to the observed reports, we conclude that lelvica presentation of symptoms in pelvic actinomycosis is observed in an advanced period of the pathology, which does not include attack to the general state of health or fever, which is oriented towards an infectious pathology.

The proper treatment is penicillin, with surgical drainage of abscesses in the event of therapeutic failure.

Table 1 Publications of cases of pelvic actinomycosis in Africa. Israel [ 16 ].


India [ 26 ]. Exploratory laparotomy, unilateral oophorectomy, and penicillin Complete recovery. Mexico [ 61 ]. United States [ 50 ]. Extraction of a mass in the internal walls of the abdomen, penicillin Complete recovery.

Actinomycotic abscess of the anterior abdominal wall: However, the elimination of the injured tissue and surgical drainage are necessary measures in avtinomicosis cases [ 5 ], and, in these patients, the duration of antimicrobial therapy could be reduced 3 months [ 3 ].

Chile [ 70 ].

Pelvic Actinomycosis

Argentina [ 54 ]. Cir Esp, 71pp. India [ 25 ]. Thoracic actinomycosis – a case report. India [ 26 ] Total cases Actinomyces israelii, Actinomyces naeslund iiand Actinomyces odontolyticusCano Ramos et al. Thoracic actinomycosis in the differential diagnosis of neoplasm: However, if there is preoperative suspicion of actinomycosis diagnosis, it may be treated satisfactory only with antibiotics.

No epidemiological studies have been conducted to determine prevalence or incidence of such infections. Cases of Pelvic Actinomycosis Reported in Asia Fourteen articles of 16 clinical cases came from Asia, the age of the patients ranged between 25 and 86 years, and the average age was India [ 25 ] Pelvic actinomycosis, Actinomyces Ovarian cancer Histopathological actinomicosks No Total hysterectomy with actinmoicosis salpingo-oophorectomy No date of resolution 1 35Chalageri et al.

This pathology invades tissue layers, causing the formation of abscesses and fistulae.