Writing with the pseudonym “Andrew Berwick”, Breivik penned a 1,page manifesto entitled A European Declaration of Independence — a reference to. Anders Behring Breivik’s Complete Manifesto “ – A European Declaration of Independence”. July 28, We refrained from posting this document for a. A European Declaration of Independence De Laudt Novae Militiae Furthermore, it was Karl Marx who wrote in The Communist Manifesto about the.

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As soon as I realized this I decided to explore alternative forms of opposition.

2083: A European Declaration of Independence

Breivik literally begins his manifesto bemoaning the lost family of the s. He understands that they exist and that others look at the Eurabia conspiracy and dismiss it along with other conspiracies. Want to Read saving….

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. A tribe that does not protect its women is behaving as if they have already lost the war. You can find analysis of those parts of his manifesto elsewhere, and in the comments on those sites you will find refutations that are then refuted and in turn there is more refutation but there is never a conclusion. The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles. Here’s a snippet from my analysis from what I am calling Fjordman: I do not disagree with the fact that conspiracy theories exist, nor that they can be dangerous.


I know, I know, this is simplistic armchair psychology at its worst.

I assert this is because Breivik is bitterly angry about his childhood. I abandoned it after pages. It had gone too far I have written several essays eurpean on the damaging effects of Western feminism. In fact, I have had several Muslim friends over the years, some of which I still respect.

It would just be my facts against their facts and it would be a colossal waste of time. After my country was struck by terrorism July 22ndI was obsessed with finding an answer to WHY could somebody commit such a horrible crime. Kate rated eruopean liked it Oct 16, Read all of Part Two here.

Your arrest will mark the initiation of the propaganda phase.

He might goes to far in some points like describing how the tombstones of the martyrs are to look like. Return to Book Page. No it looks more like his megalomany than as a secret society.

But it is worth looking at, I think. But it’s a pretty good read.

Factbox: Excerpts from 1,500-page Norway killer manifesto

Breivik is self-deprecating enough not to look like a megalomanic. Some innocent will die in our operations as they are simply at the wrong place at the wrong time. European women have brought rape on themselves because they demean the poor Western men indeprndence because they and their buddies, their chums, their bosom pals, invited all those big, Islamic rapists in. Read all of Part One here.


Full text of ” A European Declaration of Independence”

Rape apology is ugly, ugly, ugly, but strangely even more perverse decoaration you are gloating over the rapes of the very women you hope to save from those Muslims. But like all True Believers, his conspiracy is different, somehow, than all the other conspiracy theories. Police confirmed that Breivik published the English language document Friday only hours before the killings. Lists with This Book. Eric Montgomery rated it really liked it Dec eyropean, Marios rated it it was amazing Aug 04, View all 4 comments.

It is in the beginning of the section of cultural Marxism, and I think on one level that it is folly to discuss much about the order of this manifesto. So, in my estimation, Breivik is a liar both to himself and his audience, and his motives go further than just a look at his hatred discussed disjointedly and blandly in his manifesto.